Product Detail Page

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The product detail page provides a simple interface for viewing specimen and data product information cataloged in the spectral library.




Specimen Information:
The top section of the detail page provides information about the specimen.





Navigation options are available near the top of the detail page. Once selected, the previous and next links will display the products page for the previous or next specimen in the search results list. The user can also return to the search results list by clicking the "Search Results" link.




Cart Option:

The specimen can be added or removed from the user cart by clicking either "Add to Cart" or "Remove from Cart." If a specimen is added to the cart, all of the data products associated with the specimen will be included in the download request. A note will appear to the right of these buttons indicating the items are in the cart.




Data Product Section:

The data product section provides basic measurement information, downloadable file links, and a graph of the supplied data. Individual files can be downloaded directly from this location. The graph can be redrawn based on specified min/max x and y values. If multiple measurements exist for the same specimen, a drop down menu will appear next to Product ID. Only one product ID can be selected at a time from the list.




This section includes publications which discuss the specimen or data products.