Search Results List

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The search results list displays the specimens meeting the criteria specified in the home page search form.





Back to Search Page:

This link returns the user to the home page and repopulates the search form with the criteria used to produce the most recent search results list.



Current Search Filter:

This text displays the search criteria used to filter the current search results.



Add All Results to Cart:

This button will automatically add all of the files in the search results list to the user's download cart.



Update Cart

The Update Cart button will add all specimen files selected with a check mark to the user's download cart. It will also remove any specimen files from the cart that are not checked on the current page.



Table of Search Results

The table of results can be sorted by clicking on column headings.


Specimen Name:

Clicking a Specimen Name will redirect the browser to the detail page for the selected specimen.


specimen name1