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The download cart page provides an interface for reviewing specimens in the cart and submitting a cart request. All of the files contained in the PDS Spectral Library are free for download. The cart option may be a more convenient way for a user to acquire many files at once, rather than downloading them individually.




Step 1. Review Specimens Selected for Download

This section defaults to a closed list of specimens. The user can expand the list to view the specimens in his or her cart.


The entire cart can be emptied with the "Empty The Cart" button.


The "Remove Unchecked Specimens from the Cart" button is used to remove specific samples from the cart. The user can deselect the checked box of any specimen they wish to remove, and then press the button to complete the removal of the item from the cart.


Step 2. Select Desired Output Format

The files requested in the cart will be placed in a user specific folder on a FTP site. The format options are zip, tar, tar.gz or individual files for the files on the FTP site. The compressed formats may be more convenient for users to download. If the individual files option is selected, the files will be placed unbundled on the FTP site.


Step 3. Provide Email Address and Submit Request

The user should enter his or her email address in this text box before submitting the cart request. This email address will be used to notify the user when the cart request is available on the PDS Geosciences Node FTP site. The email will also include the username, password, and direct link to the folder containing the request.


Submit the Request

Click the "Submit Request" button to initiate the request. A confirmation page will be displayed once the order has been successfully submitted.